Lionhearted Kids is a non-profit organization that believes in building upon the strengths and resiliency of the child, family, and community. We hold firmly to the inherent wisdom that exists within each of us collectively and cross-culturally. Therefore, the role of the therapist and supporter is to work alongside community members as facilitators. Regardless of one’s country of origin or belief system, we believe that the experience of one’s own reflection in another human being is essential to understanding our interconnectedness, developing compassion, and embracing our humanity.

Lionhearted Kids intends to contribute to bridging the gap of the shortage of psychosocial care for the majority of people living in South Africa. Children and families living in underserved communities are most affected by complex trauma and thus should have the option to access psychosocial care.  The children from these communities shape the future of South Africa and deserve to be supported and uplifted.