Lisa Dion is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor for multiple agencies across Colorado. She is the founder and director of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado. In addition to her clinical work, she has also launched multiple for-profit and non-profit businesses and is a business consultant to various organizations worldwide. Lisa is committed to helping Lionhearted Kids grow and become an established (and integral) part of the mental health system in South Africa (and Africa), and is thrilled to serve on our board.

Bryant Veazey received an MBA through studies at Columbia University and London Business School. He has lived and worked in Moscow, St. Petersburg, New York, London and Paris where he has held various financial roles including Controller and Treasurer. In his current professional role, he works extensively in West Africa. His travel and professional experience have given him a deep appreciation of the plight of the financially underprivileged, experience that he brings to his role as Treasurer and member of the Board at LionHearted Kids.

Whitney Mackintosh is dedicated to the mission of LionHearted Kids after visiting the hospital and seeing the need firsthand while in Cape Town, South Africa. Whitney’s humanitarian work with vulnerable and underserved populations includes Southeast Asian refugees in Thailand and the Philippines; orphans and child-headed households in Zambia; school-age children in Ghana; teen mothers in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys working collaboratively in the development of culturally appropriate training and services. Whitney is an education and training consultant with over thirty years experience in both the public and private sectors. Her clients include the U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute; Center for Applied Linguistics; Xerox Corporation; Mackintosh Academy; Mothers Without Borders. Whitney has a Master’s degree in Education/Curriculum Design and International Studies from the University of Denver and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado.

Ms. Karen grew up in South Africa, earning a degree in Psychology and Sociology at UCT. She now lives in Colorado, where she owns a holistic healing practice and co-founded The Quantum Loving Institute. She facilitates personal growth, leadership development and healing with clients in several countries and is thrilled to be able to assist LionHearted Kids in bringing creative therapies to its clients in her homeland.

Sarah Whitehead is a medical doctor, dedicated yogi and writer enthusiast. She graduated with MBChB from The University of Cape Town in 2010 and worked at Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre for her community service year. Through her community service work, she developed a passion and interest in rehabilitation and seeing the whole person and family. She strongly advocates a holistic approach to rehabilitation, and through her own personal journey, believes yoga and mindfulness to be effective tools in facilitating the healing process. She is committed to introducing the work of Lionhearted Kids to many more healthcare facilities around Cape Town and is excited to use her medical knowledge and connections to help facilitate the growth of Lionhearted Kids.

Having lived in Cape Town for 12 years, whilst being a German citizen with Croatian roots, Gordana is co-founder, Director and shareholder of Chatroom, a marketing company of 12-years standing specializing in strategy, marketing, design and PR. Subscribing to strong ethical values and service to humanity, Gordana is also an active Rotarian having served as Rotary President in 2010 and on the Rotary Club’s board since chartering of the club in Cape Town. In addition to having a passion for humanitarian work, Gordana is a committed yogi practitioner and learning yoga teacher. She supports the approach of Lionhearted Kids to use yoga and meditation as one form of healing, as she believes yoga has changed her own life. A mother of two herself, she is a committed servant to the Cape Town community and aims to impact social development in a positive and sustainable way.

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Khaleelah Jones has a PhD in marketing and media studies from the University of Bristol. She has lived in London, Denver, New York City and Washington, DC, working in various marketing, communications and PR roles. Currently, she works extensively with African media and marketing agencies. Khaleelah is based in London and when she’s not working, she’s traveling, reading, writing, yoga-ing or making up verbs.