Lionhearted Kids

Help us reach 2,000 children in 2017! Please consider making a financial contribution to our 2016 end-of-year campaign by clicking here

Support a child’s healing journey by making a financial contribution! Lionhearted Kids supports mindfulness based, creative arts therapies and social-emotional support services for South African children and families in need. By providing all of our services free of charge, Lionhearted Kids relies on donations. All contributions, large and small, are much appreciated. Please note that Lionhearted Kids supports trained, compassionate individuals to provide care for children, families and the caregivers that support their healing.

  • $25,000 will fund a part-time program coordinator for one year whose role is to be the heartbeat on the ground. The program coordinator organizes and implements services, fosters creative and collaborative relationships with our partners, ensures that the philosophy of Lionhearted Kids is implemented in all of our work and seeks opportunities to reach more children and families.
  • $10,000 will fund the development of our specialized training program that trains care providers in our unique approach to nurturing resilience in children and families. This once off cost will help us standardize our curriculum and thus leverage how many children and families are served; each care provider serves an average of 20 children a week over an 8-week period during the training. Our curriculum is designed to increase the self-awareness and self-regulating capabilities of the care provider. There is growing research that strongly suggests self-awareness and conscious connection to self and other are the foundations for strong neurobiological development in children. When care providers model this, children learn by their example and develop empathy, are able to self regulate and grow from challenges.
  • $6,000 sponsors a Lionhearted Kids care provider to provide daily, specialized psychosocial care for 3 months to children and families who are experiencing medical, physical and emotional challenges. Trained in our unique system that integrates the principles from yoga, mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, and play therapy to nurturing resilience in children and families, the role of the Lionhearted Kids care provider includes helping to decrease the negative impact of injury, illness and hospitalization, facilitate coping and development and advocate for the child and family. Our goal is to fund a full time Lionhearted Kids care provider for one year
  • $5,000 sponsors a children’s yoga teacher and yoga program coordinator part time for one year. This will ensure that children experiencing injury, illness and or emotional challenges receive weekly yoga sessions. The practice of yoga includes the intentional use of connecting the mind and body through the use of yoga postures, movement, breathing, attention and awareness. A children’s yoga session usually includes a combination of breathing, yoga postures, music, singing, brainteasers and relaxation led by an experienced teacher. An average of 1,250 children are reached annually at our partner sites.
  • $2000 allows us to implement a marketing strategy that will keep us connected to with the people whose financial support keeps us going. This strategy includes an interactive website, regular newsletters and social media engagement with our supporters, the educational institutions whose students receive our training and professionals who want to develop their skills and be of service through Lionhearted Kids.
  • $400 pays for one month of weekly yoga groups for children at our partner sites. An average of 55 children are reached weekly. Our goal is to fund weekly yoga groups for one year.
  • $50 pays for one hour of specialized psychosocial care services for children receiving medical care for injury or illness. This includes the use of play, therapeutic touch, art, music and yoga to nurture resilience in children and families and minimize the impact of hospitalization. Our goal is to fund a full time specialized
  • $25 pays for a one-hour group yoga session with children OR one-hour yoga group for healthcare staff at our partner sites.

Every dollar you donate provides services now. That dollar is an investment in a child’s health and future, which impacts every life they touch!

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