Lionhearted Kids Yoga Training is for anyone interested in deepening their relationship with themselves and children. It is important to note that Lionhearted Kids embraces the belief that we cannot offer others what we do not have ourselves. Therefore, Lionhearted Kids Yoga Training is designed to support you in discovering your capacity for compassion, vulnerability and empathy for yourself as well as for children and families through the practice of mindfulness based yoga. Historically, child life groups of students and instructors, child life specialists, parents, step-parents, yoga teachers, social workers and those with a strong interest in working with children, have participated in Lionhearted Kids Yoga Training.

Our approach

There is growing research that strongly suggests self-awareness and conscious connection to self and other are the foundations for strong neurobiological development in children. When we model this, children learn by our example and develop empathy, are able to self regulate and grow from challenges. Lionhearted Kids Yoga Training methodology is rooted in mindfulness based yoga. The practice of mindfulness can be defined as “how we pay attention on purpose to the unfolding present moment experience with a sense of alertness, attention to detail and with kindness and compassion” (Siegel, 2010). Yoga can be defined as the practice of using breath, movement and body awareness as tools for developing unconditional friendliness with all parts of oneself. Thus, mindfulness and yoga converge as one practice in service of increasing self awareness and conscious connection to our internal and external environments.

What you will learn

Through the mindfulness based yoga practice, you will develop your capacity to recognize and regulate the fluctuating states of your nervous system, identify and express emotion and widen your window of tolerance for challenging experiences. As we increase our capacity to relate to our own nervous systems and emotional states, we are able to attune to those in a child. It is through this practice of intentional internal and external attunement where research is showing we can influence brain activation in others (Badenoch, 2008). You will also learn how to guide children and families through mindfulness based yoga and integrate mindfulness based yoga into your play with children. A children’s mindfulness based yoga session includes a combination of breathing, yoga postures, music, singing, brainteasers and relaxation. In addition to mindfulness based yoga, Lionhearted Kids Yoga Training will teach you how to apply principles from emerging research on the developing brain, Synergetic Play Therapy™ and Interpersonal Neurobiology to each interaction with children and families to promote growth and resilience.