We promote therapies that use the child’s sensory world to nurture resilience in children and families. Our approach helps restore self-regulation, memory creation and learning, benefit the immune system, support rewiring of the brain, promote physical and mental healing and influence long-term development.


While using play as a medium with a child, the facilitator is the most important toy in the playroom. While toys can be used to facilitate relationship, attunement between the facilitator and child is the basis for promoting self regulation and connection to self and other.

As such, our facilitators are trained to center themselves while in relationship with a child. In this way, they can facilitate collaborative communication and connection. “Such communication allows for the creation of brain connections that are vital for the development of a child’s capacity for self regulation.” Dan Siegel

Lionhearted Kids

Child Life Specialists use their knowledge of child development to promote optimum development and effective coping through play, procedural preparation and support, self-expression activities, education, family involvement, and peer interaction. “Through these various modalities, Child Life Specialists are able to help children cope with life’s most challenging events, and in turn allow each child to find their inner strength.”

Yoga is a type of experiential therapy that facilitates body-awareness, emotional regulation, and stress reduction. A growing number of studies indicate that yoga may be a beneficial treatment for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. By helping to regulate the nervous system, Yoga has a calming affect alleviating symptoms.

Closely aligned with play, Art is an effective medium for children as a natural and universal form of communication. While exploring art making , children are provided with a safe and supportive space where they are encouraged to explore their personal story, thoughts and feelings through a variety of art materials in the presence of trained facilitator. Used for reflection, healing and relaxation Art making reduces anxiety, helps develop healthy coping skills, stimulates imagination and increases self-esteem and confidence.

Music and sound can be used to cultivate connection to self and other.  Music aids in emotional regulation, developing confidence and establishing trusting relationships. Through participatory instrument playing, moving, and/or vocalizing children are able to use music as an avenue to express themselves and connect with their inner strengths. Through creating rhythm and sound, emotional regulation and a sense of empowerment often result, and pain and anxiety are decreased.

A type of massage therapy, Aromatherapy is an effective treatment in calming and soothing the nervous system of those who are experiencing symptoms of traumatic stress. The use of essential oils also offers some pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound healing properties. It has been noted that children who are hospitalized are more restful and sleep for a longer period of time after their treatment. A body that is calm and relaxed is in a much better position to heal than one that is stressed and anxious.